All times are in CEST (Central European Time)
12pmIntroductionWelcome to BlapBash 2021!
1pmredsun.tfCustom TF2 games "R" Us
3pmAmong Us... but?This was Surny's idea
4pmCompetitive MatchAre we esport yet?
6pmPubs, but make them wackyWhy can't we be normal?
7pmJackbox PartyParty games that are weirder than we are
8pmGartic PhoneThe Telephone Game
9pmItem UnboxingJust ooooone more crate...
10pm(blind) MGEPretty straight-forward. Lot's of yelling
11pmClosing PubsFree-for-all public server action
1pmPubs, but make them wackyWhy can't we be normal again?
2pmGolf with your friendsCasually-paced golf with all of the frustration
3pmMarbles on StreamGO SHINY GO!
4pmSFM DuelOur Source Filmmaker friends duel until they no longer wanna be friends
6pmTF2 PubsFree-for-all public server action
7pmJumpingA totally professional jump show from Jump Academy!
8pmDFSImagine playing vanilla TF2 tbh
10pm???Secret event, maybe
11pmClosing TF2 PubsFree-for-all public server action
12amGrand FinaleWe're not crying, YOU'RE crying ;-;