All times are in CEST (Central European Time)
12pmIntroduction with TF2 pubsWelcome to BlapBash 2022!
1pmBlindfolded TF2 MGE"Over there! No, the other left!"
2pmRock and StoneThe pretty sound of teamwork
3pmSFM DuelWho collapses from pain first, SFM or the SFM-er?
5pmparkour.tfDon't look down!
6pmCompetitive TF2 Match"Competitive" to some, anyway
8pmTF2 JumpingYou’ll be blown away
9pmMvM VersusBlapBash BotSmash
10pmJackboxTry not to make the same joke 17 times challenge (impossible)
11pmClosing PubsFree-for-all public server action
12pmPubs, but make them wackyThey're just normal at this point, let's be honest
1pmMarbles & KukoroChat gets to do something!
2pmGolf with your friendsThe "friends" part refers to what you lose to get a par
3pmGartic PhoneStill don't know if this one is more fun for people who can or who can't draw...
4pmSlender FortressIronically, Slenderman is chosen rarely in this gamemode nowadays
5pmTF2 PubsFree-for-all public server action*insert any number of Revengeance refernces*
8pmTF2 Crate Unboxing + GiveawayWe're giving everything away so you get double the dopamine
9pmMann vs. MachineAre we smarter than machines? lol no
11pmAmong Us
12amGrand FinaleWe're not crying, YOU'RE crying ;-;